Historically as years have gone by, it was never really a choice of what we buy first?  Our first home to live in or a investment property?

As ‘that’ time came to settle down and get married and start a family it was also ‘that’ same mindset that told you to get a home loan, pay it off  raise a family and live there until you retire.

Today ‘that’ mindset has changed, the younger generation is seeing property in a very different light.

Many younger people today want to live in a funky, groovy area.  For most, they cannot afford to buy a property where they want to live.

So they ‘RENTVEST’ in the area they want to live in and purchase/ invest in a different area where they rent out their investment to tenants.  This is becoming a trend with young smart investors, especially with rising prices of properties  in Melbourne and Sydney.

Instead of missing out on another year and getting further and further away from owing your own property have a think of what some modern day Millenniums are doing??

As long as you get your foot in the door.  And get into the market.  There’s no real right or wrong way of investing.

Make 2021 YOUR year to suit YOUR lifestyle.

YOUR year for your future.