Are you interested in buying a home but feel discouraged to do so because of the stage 4 restrictions imposed upon Victoria? Don’t worry. Although the process of buying a home has definitely changed for the time being, the restrictions will not necessarily impede you from doing so! Throughout the post, I’m going to address some key questions that I know are at the forefront of many first home buyers minds right now.

Can you still take advantage of the first home buyer and home builder grants?

Definitely! All of the grants that we’ve talked about in previous posts are still available, as well as additional rebates builders are throwing in left right and centre to further incentivise first home buyers and investors. I know I’ve said it before, but you would be a fool to miss out on the opportunities that are available to you today. I wish they were around back when I was buying my first home, that’s for sure!

Are display homes open?

Unfortunately, display homes are not open at this stage. I know lots of people like to visit display homes so they can get a comprehensive understanding of what it is they’re purchasing, but many builders and developers have done an excellent job at pivoting the way they highlight their value proposition as a result of these times. Floor plans, sizing, proposals and excellent imagery of colour and material choices are made available to you so you’re able to get a really good idea of what your home will look like.

Are house and land package sales still going ahead?

Absolutely! Small scale construction projects such as homes are able to go ahead relatively unscathed by the restrictions. Being limited to only 5 people allowed on the site at a time may have enormous ramifications on large scale construction, but it’s definitely manageable for your standard house and land package!

As usual, if you have any additional questions you’d like me to clarify for you, please send me a message. I’d be more than happy to answer any queries you may have!